Satin dresses

Satin dresses by Valentuna Rusu 2021 – a trend that cannot be ignored.
From the bold mini to the elegant maxi, from the simple everyday to the exclusive, embellished with ruffles, drapery and intricate décor, the chiffon dress is at its peak this season.

Still not sure which Satin dress to buy? Check out the versatility and impressive variety of cuts in these airy outfits by Valentuna Rusu design store:

  • Midi dress from Satin. Stylish, comfortable, practical. Fitted summer chiffon dresses with a loose pleated skirt are especially relevant. This style will help to hide the fullness of the hips and emphasize the gracefulness of the waist. The upper with a deep cut and thin straps will make your look seductive, and ruffles in the neckline will add romance and visually enlarge the breasts.
  • Satin dress to the floor. A maxi dress is a good choice both for everyday life and for attending a festive event. A luxurious dress in Greek style with butterfly sleeves and a high waist will make the figure proportional, hiding full arms and belly. An elegant wrap outfit with a flowing skirt and a high slit will make fans admire your long slender legs with a sinking feeling.
  • Satin dress with long sleeves. Midi or maxi length is most organically combined with voluminous sleeves on the cuffs. The skirt can be trapezoidal, straight, layered or asymmetrical. The top is closed, with an imitation of a shirt or with a lining. Lingerie-style lining looks more effective with translucent sleeves. A dress in black, green, blue, burgundy shades is a win-win option for a New Year’s corporate party or a party, and nude colors will make a summer Satin dress with sleeves a real salvation from the heat and sun.

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