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If your question is not here contact us

For any questions or concerns please contact us through email at info@valentinarusu.com or whatsapp at +971563511035

How long do the dresses take to be shipped?

Usually most dresses are delivered in around 2-3 weeks. How ether the fully embroidered, hand-made couture products may vary and will be confirmed via email

What shipping carrier do we use?

Dresses are shipped worldwide through FedEx, UPS or DHL depending on your location.

What if you need a dress to be delivered faster?

Some dresses are available for a faster processing. Please contact us directly via whatsapp before placing an order. Inquiries by email may take longer for reply. 

Are the dresses ready to wear or made to order?

All dresses are made to order including standard sized dresses.

Does it take longer if I order "Made to measure"?

It takes the same time for delivery on both options “Standard Size” or “Made to measure.”

Where is the designer based?

Valentina Rusu design house is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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