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“ Couture is a fine line between recognizing the past modern garments with those that are timeless for the future. Simply it’s a present in the present“.Valentina Rusu

Valentina Rusu is the founder and head designer of her namesake Design House which is based in Dubai, UAE.

Starting at her grandmother’s sewing machine at a very young age, there wasn’t a time when she wasn’t exploring the art of craftsmanship.
Beading her own accessories or assembling clothes in pursuit of individuality, she developed a desire to create and share distinctive pieces with a blend of the ancient heritage and a modern luxury twist. A signature to which the design house is very loyal.

With a mission for a continuous quest for craftsmanship, her design evolution led her to Dubai in 2012.
Striving to set new standards of quality she continually pursued excellence in design by fusing traditional embroidery with chic and bold silhouettes, empowering spirit achieved through skilled construction and passion.

Her sustainable couture collections encapsulate a deep contemplation of nature’s force and whimsical romance. Some of the designer’s favorite stylistic moods are impactful just like her memories when chasing colorful butterflies and admiring the illuminated sky when dandelions fly.

This ecstasy of freedom and versatile philosophy of artistic entertainment are expressed in the craft of her hand-embroidered garments. Her inspirations are embraced by color and feature the boldness but feminine spirit of a butterfly, which represents the circle of life and so does the woman’s God-given gift.
It is why she celebrates every woman in the details of each one-of-a-kind, handmade piece; with skilled construction, adjustable corset techniques, and timeless silhouettes that Live On.

Her debut SS2020 haute couture show was organized for the Oscars after-party and red carpet event in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Her upcoming events are scheduled in Dubai, UAE for Fashion Factor and International Fashion Gala

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