Maxi dresses

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Some ladies can demonstrate slender strong legs, while others have lush breasts. For tall and small women, there are styles that emphasize the dignity of their physique.

Overweight is not an obstacle to trying on a short maxi dress in rich color, tailored specifically for your body type. Among the indisputable advantages of overweight beauties are feminine and rounded, flowing silhouette lines.

It is impossible to imagine an evening summer maxi dress without a neckline. For women, such an element of the outfit will be indispensable, drawing attention to the chest and distracting from the abdomen and hips. Deep or more discreet, the neckline suits ladies of all ages. You shouldn’t give up corset maxi dresses either. The main thing is that the upper part does not gather in folds, smoothly fitting the figure.

The disadvantages of dresses for obese women in Valentina Rusu’s models are practically minimized in our time. There are many maxi dresses that embody fashion trends, and a girl or woman with body volumes far from the catwalk model wears any dress today. Famous singers and actresses with excess body weight confidently defile in extravagant outfits. Their bright and impressive dresses are a good example.

We will be happy to assist you in choosing a maxi dress. Our designer maxi dresses from Dubai designer Valentina Rusu will highlight the dignity of your figure and make you feminine

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